Meet our team


Amanda Radke


Amanda Radke is a seasoned agricultural journalist, blogger for BEEF Magazine, children’s book author, international speaker and cattle rancher, based in South Dakota. She holds a degree in Agricultural Communications, Education and Leadership from South Dakota State University. With extensive media training, consumer advocacy experience and years of reading children’s books at elementary schools and libraries, Amanda’s role in Ag Storytellers is to collaborate, brainstorm and create a dynamic storyline that will capture the attention of young readers while accurately representing the experiences of farmers/ranchers.


Michelle Weber


Michelle Weber is an author, illustrator, ranch wife and artist, located in Minnesota. She specializes in agricultural and livestock art. Weber has built her portfolio on a national and international level, selling her work to 36+ states, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. With a degree from South Dakota State University in Advertising, Marketing and Sociology, Michelle not only brings unique design and perspective to every illustration on canvas, but she also understands how the visual impact will influence and inspire readers. Watch your story come to life with Weber in the driver’s seat at her easel!


Tracy McMurphy


Tracy McMurphy is a graphic designer and online marketing specialist, as well as the owner of the Red Angus World and a beef cattle producer from Texas. McMurphy holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications from Oklahoma State and a master’s degree in Mass Communication from the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Once Radke and Weber have worked their magic, McMurphy brings the pieces together in a custom book layout that meets the technical and print specifications required for publication. The result is a gorgeous published product that will be a legacy on the bookshelf for years to come.